What your College fees provide for your child(ren)

St Aloysius Catholic College tuition fees are formulated and designed to be a singular education cost and as inclusive as possible. This deliberate approach is aimed to minimise the extent to which additional payments from families are required throughout the year. Any additional charges that may be applied would be for activities such as, but not restricted to, interstate or overseas excursions, specific fundraising for charities, student celebration or graduation dinner as well as some of our specific options subjects i.e. VET – Hospitality/ Tourism / Construction and Duke of Edinburgh.

There is an ICT levy that applies to each family (excluding Kindergarten only enrolled families).

Accordingly as an example your fees cover such expenses as:

  • Class excursions (except as stated above)
  • Long day excursions for Years 3 and 4 and year level camps and retreats for Year 7-10 students (excluding Year 6 trip to Canberra
  • Sporting and Gym equipment including their maintenance and management
  • The external hire costs in using facilities to successfully undertake our Heath and Physical Exercise programs and Swimming competency programs
  • Library resources inclusive of book and literacy teaching material
  • Musical instruments (leased and owned)
  • All classroom resources from Kindergarten to Grade 10
  • Specialist subject materials and equipment for Art, Design in Wood, Home Economics and Science

A Capital Levy that applies to each family is as determined by the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office and contributes towards assisting with the financing costs of all Systemic Schools/Colleges

Fees are subject to change on an annual basis.

Fees and Levies

  • Your annual account will be issued by the first week of February with the first payment due on the 15th February. Families who are able to pay the fees annually in advance prior to the end of February are entitled to a percentage fee discount on the fee component only. The amount of this fee discount is available by contacting the College office.
  • Fees are payable monthly over ten (10) months from February to, and including, November. They are due by the 15th of each month. The frequency of fee payment is preferred as monthly with the option to vary this to weekly or fortnightly upon request.
  • All families are required to establish a fee payment arrangement by early February each year and advise the College of their payment intentions via the notification forms that are provided.
  • All fees are to be finalised and paid in full by 30th November.
  • All direct debit authorities received by the College for the payment of fees/levies will be treated as a continuous authority and the monthly amount will be adjusted each year in line with the continued enrolment (s) and the annual variation in the fees/levies.

Should you have any queries regarding school fees you can contact the College Business Manager, Mr. Les Gardner on (03) 6229 0103 or via email: les.gardner@catholic.tas.edu.au


Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission (TCEC) Policy on Fees Assistance

The College has fully implemented the TCEC School Fees Assistance Policy, which provides an optional fee discount for families with three or more children in any Tasmanian Catholic school.

The full ‘Fee Assistance Policy’ is available form the TCEO website or by clicking on this link for further details – http://catholic.tas.edu.au/our-schools/school-fees.