Explorers Program

The Explorers Birth to 4 program is excited to be moving into a new home, in the Convent that housed the Sisters of Charity and the first classes of St Aloysius Catholic College. The Convent is located on the Kingston Campus, just above the blue slide playground/fort. Subsequently, the program will have a later commencement date this year, to allow time for set up in our new space. We will continue our two Friday sessions, Session 1: 9.00am to 10:30am and Session 2: 11.00am to 12:30pm. A Thursday session, specifically for students aged in the year before commencing Kindergarten (in the year they turn 4) that will run from 9.00am to 10:30am. As we are not licensed to have children without their parent/guardian, they will need to attend with an adult and their younger siblings are very welcome. We will have activities for all ages but the teacher will focus more on interacting with and preparing students for an easy transition into Kindergarten the following year.
We aim to commence the program on Thursday, 28th February and Friday, 1st March. If we are able to finish set up in time to open the week before, we will inform families via the website, email and facebook. Please contact Mrs Andrea Reece, Coordinator, for any further information
Office hours phone: 6229 0200
Facebook group: SACC Explorers Early Years Learning Program”

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