At St Aloysius Catholic College, we aim to foster the development and practice of Catholic values. We provide a sensitive and caring approach to education, within a safe environment, in which all students will have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We aim to foster self-esteem, self-confidence and respect for the gifts and needs of each individual and an awareness of the unique contribution each can make to the College community. Underpinning all is the value we place on the personal and spiritual development of each student.

We aim to provide a high quality, balanced education in which all students will be able to develop a wide range of talents and interests through participation in:

  •  A Religious Education program based on the Archdiocesan Curriculum “Good News for Living” that focuses on the students’ growth in knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • A Physical Education and sporting program that provides a variety of experiences in fitness, skills and team sports.
  • Educational Support programs to enhance learning opportunities for children across the educational spectrum.
  • Participation in all aspects of the Performing Arts.
  • An Information and Communications Technology and Science curriculum that encourages investigation, problem solving and critical thinking.