Enrolments open for Kindergarten in 2025

Enrolments open for Kindergarten in 2025

We are St Aloysius

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We are St Aloysius


Bus services to and from the College are private contractors provided by arrangement with the Department of State Growth.

Student Bus Fares – 2024

  • The full student fare will increase by 10 cents on 1st January 2024
  • If you use cash for a single trip ticket, the new fare will be $2.00
  • If you use a smartcard or purchase a 10-trip ticket, the new fare will be $1.60
  • Smartcards like Greencard and Transportme can be topped up online
  • You can buy a 10-trip ticket for $16.00 from the bus driver
  • It costs the same on every trip – it doesn’t matter how far, where, or when you go
  • Bus routes that travel only in a rural area, to the local school, don’t charge a fare

Some students can travel or transfer between buses for free. You may be eligible for a Student Bus Pass for Free Travel if you are:

  • listed on a Health Care or Pensioner Card
  • travel wholly within the rural area where there is only a fare charging service
  • must use more than one bus between home and school and/or school and home
  • are under a Care and Protection Order.
  • find out more here https://brnw.ch/21wEd7E

For more information contact Passenger Transport (9am to 5pm weekdays): 6166 3343

Students who use more than one bus service on their journey to and from school each day may be eligible for a transfer pass. Should you need further assistance please contact the Department of State Growth on 6166 3333 or 1300 135 513.

Metro 'School Services' will not commence until Thursday, 8th February. Please make alternative arrangements if a Metro service is required prior to this.